2015 PhD with distinction: Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University

2006 MA: Institute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago

2003  BA:Departments of Biology and Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College

Appointments and Research Experience:

2016 Postdoctoral Scientist: Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2015 – 2016 Postdoctoral Scientist: Entomology / Chemical Ecology, USDA-ARS

2011 – 2015 Graduate Teaching Assistant: Northern Arizona University

2007 – 2011 SFAz Research Fellow: Northern Arizona University

2007 Research Associate: University of California-Berkeley

2005 – 2006 Lab Technician: University of Chicago

2003 – 2005 Research Associate: Alpha Genesis Inc., Yemassee, SC

Awards and Fellowships:

2015 Finalist 3mrp

2007 – 2011 SFAz Fellowship

2009 Berton Fellow, ARCS

2006 Finalist, Johnson Prize for outstanding Master’s Thesis


Jaffe, BD, Smith, DS, Ketterer, ME. 2017.  An arsenic hyperaccumulating fern, Pteris vittata L. (Pteridaceae) broadly affects terrestrial invertebrate abundance. (In press: Ecological Entomology)

Jaffe, BD, Ketterer, ME, Shuster, SM. 2017. Elemental allelopathy by an arsenic hyperaccumulating fern, Pteris vittata L. Journal of Plant Ecology. https://doi.org/10.1093/jpe/rtx020

Avanesyan, A, Jaffe, BD, Guedot, C. 2017.  Isolating spermathecae and determining mating status of Drosophila suzukii: a protocol for tissue dissection and its applications. Insects. 8(1), 32; doi:10.3390/insects8010032

Jaffe, BD, Ketterer, ME, Hofstetter, RW. 2016. Terrestrial invertebrate arsenic accumulation associated with an arsenic hyperaccumulating fern, Pteris vittata (Polypodiales: Pteridaceae). Environmental Entomology. 45(5):1306-1315.

Jaffe, BD. 2015. Functional advantages and ecological implications of arsenic hyperaccumulation. PhD Dissertation.

Baker, MB, Dastur, SR, Jaffe, BD, Wong, T. 2008. Mating competition between Colorado potato beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) resistant or susceptible to imidacloprid does not show cost of resistance. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 101: 371-377.

Jaffe, BD, 2006. Spatial exploration in Belding’s Ground Squirrel. MA Thesis

Jaffe, B., Evans, T., Howell, S., Westergaard, G., Snoy, P., Higley, J. 2006. Left vs. Right Nipple Preference in Free-Ranging Infant Macaques (Macaca Mulatta). Developmental Psychobiology, 48(3) 266 – 272.

In preparation/review

Jaffe, BD, Ketterer, ME., Leibee, G. Arsenic eaters of Florida: A caterpillar, Callopistria floridensis G., (Lepidoptera: Noctouidae) capable of accumulating arsenic. (In prep: Animal Behaviour)

Jaffe, BD, Landolt, PJ.  Field validation of a three chemical controlled release dispenser to attract codling moth (Cydia pomonella L). (In prep: Economic Entomology)

Jaffe, BD, Landolt, PJ.  An attract and kill lure to reduce Codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) in orchards and individual trees (In prep)

Jaffe BD, Bal HK, Grant JA, Grieshop MJ, Lee J, Liburd OE, McDougal E, Rodriguez-Saona C, Rhodes EM, Sial AA, Zhang A. Guédot, C. Multistate comparison of attractants, and the impact of background volatiles on trapping Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in raspberry and blueberry. (In prep)


Jaffe, BD 2017. Spotted Wing Drosophila Bait Comparisons and Distribution within a Raspberry Crop. Wisconsin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference. Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Jaffe, BD, Landolt, PJ. 2016. Apple Orchard Protection from Codling moth (Cydia pomonella) using an Attract-and-Kill Trap. International Congress on Entomology. Orlando, FL.

Jaffe, BD, Smith, DS, Ketterer, ME. 2015.  Bridging the gap between the theoretical and practical implications of arsenic hyperaccumulation.  Western Forest Insect Conference, Santa Fe, NM

Jaffe, BD, 2015.  Functional advantages and ecological implications of arsenic hyperaccumulation. NAU. Flagstaff, AZ.

Jaffe, BD, 2013. The Role of Elemental Allelopathy in an Arsenic Hyperaccumulator (Pteris vittata).  International Society of Phytotechnology. Syracuse, NY.

Jaffe, BD, 2010.  Ecological Effects of Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by a Chinese Brake fern (Pteris vittata).  ARCS, Phoenix, AZ.

Jaffe, B., Evans, T., Howell, S., Westergaard, G., Snoy, P., Higley, J. 2006. Left vs. Right Nipple Preference in Free-Ranging Infant Macaques (Macaca Mulatta). American Society of Primatologist.

Howell, S., Bales, K., Evans, T., Jaffe, B., Westergaard, G., Higley, J. 2005.  The association between the neuropeptides oxytocin (OT) and vasopressin (AVP) and the behavior of free-ranging rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). American Society of Primatologists

Education Workshop: All About Primates! A Workshop for K-12 Teachers (Oregon Zoo) Pre-Conference Workshop  organized by the Education Committee, Sue Howell Moderator. 2005. (Presenter) American Society of Primatologist.

Dastur, S., Jaffe, B., Baker, M., 2002. Mating competition and fertilization success between Colorado Potato beetles resistant or susceptible to Imidacloprid. (Poster) presented at Animal Behavior Society

Courses Taught

2015 Genetics and Evolution, Bio 241 (Graduate Assistant)

2013 – 2014  Introduction to Biology, Recitation, Bio 181R (Instructor)

2012 Field Methods in Animal Behavior, Bio 571(Course Creator, Instructor)

2010 Foundations of Animal Behavior, Bio 698 (Course Creator)

2009 – 2013  Anatomy and Physiology, Bio 201L (Lab Instructor)

Professional Societies

American Association of the Advancement of Science

Ecological Society of America

Entomological Society of America

International Society of Phytotechnology

Western Forest Insect Work Conference


Dr. Peter Landolt, USDA-ARS YARL – Peter.Landolt@ars.usda.gov

Dr. Stephen Shuster, Department of Biological Sciences, NAU, stephen.shuster@nau.edu

Dr. Richard Hofstetter, Department of Forestry, NAU, rich.hofstetter@nau.edu

Dr. Robert Kellar, Department of Biology, NAU, robert.kellar@nau.edu

Dr. Michael Ketterer, Department of Chemistry, MSU – Denver, mkettere@msudenver.edu


SAS statistical suite




Volatile Collection Systems


Controlled release devices research and development

Insect Bioassays (Flight tunnels, Y-tubes)


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